Artificial Greenery

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Plastic Leaf Bush 71cm
Eucalyptus Wreath Green 35cm
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Amaranthus Spray 88cm
Eucalyptus Seed Pod Spray 74cm
Anthurium Stem Winter White 60cm
Artificial Succulents Single Aloe
Chinese Money Plant 26x25.5cm
Cascading Teardrops 73.5cm
Artificial Pampas White Small 80cm
Artificial Pampas Taupe Small 80cm
Spathiphyllum in Pot Green 25cm
Dieffenbachia in Pot Green Red 25cm
Begonia in Pot Green 25cm
Begonia in Pot Purple Green 25cm
Eucalyptus Bush Burgandy green 60cm
Eucalyptus Bush Grey green 60cm
Eucalyptus Bush Burgandy green 32cm
Eucalyptus Seed Green Grey 74cm
String of Pearls 45cm
String of Pearls 34cm
String of Pearls 34cm
Silver Queen Leaves Spray 80cm
Pothos Bush
Pothos Bush
Hawthornia Succulent 16x7cm
Agave Succulent 19x10cm
Echeveria Succulent 13x14cm
Pine Needle Succulent 14cm
Eucalyptus Bush Green Burgundy 27cm
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Plume Onion Grass Spray Light brown 109cm
Plastic Button Fern Vine
Gum Leaf Spray Mulberry 108cm
Eucalyptus Spray green 78cm
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Boston Fern With Twig Green
Artificial Succulent Agave Small Red Green 20x25cm
Artificial Succulent Agave Small Purple 20x25cm
Blue Gum Pick 75cm
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