Perfect alternative to plastic and paper straws, these sugarcane straws from EcoSouLife’s  Back to Nature range are perfect for your quick drink cravings.

These are made up of recycled sugarcane fibres also known as bagasse.

Unlike plastics or paper straws, the sugarcane straws are purely-plant based, eco-friendly and constitute zero waste in the environment. It is a guilt-free way of enjoying your hot/cold drinks.

Perfect for nature lovers and environment heroes as these sugarcane straws are completely biodegradable and compostable.

Product Features:

Usability    Disposable Compostable in an industrial facility

Material     Sugarcane - made from plants!
                   Natural Colouring
                   Contains no dyes or plastic coating or heavy metals

Heat Resistant   Sugarcane Straws - withstand temperatures 20° C - 50° C
                            Sugarcane Cups - withstand temperatures 0° C - 80° C

Cold Resistant    Refrigerator & Freezer Safe

Additional Features    Certified Product
                                      Food Safe
                                      BPA Free
                                      Perfect for indoor and outdoor use
                                      Zero petroleum
                                      Shelf life for sugarcane straws - 12 -18 months
                                      Leak proof material

Size: 210 * 8 mm

Weight: 53 grams per pack

Size: 210 * 8 mm

Weight: 53 grams per pack

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